Way to my home

I have been planning to write this article for quite long now. Generally I have been more thinking about writing recently than really doing it.

That´s me, I often keep waiting for the future, for better circumstances, for nicer atmosphere, for work to be done, for house to be clean. And this is a circle that never ends. A lot of people postpone things that allow them to rest, because there is always something “more important” to do first.

So it´s Tuesday 2 pm when I am writing these lines.

Time when I would normally sit in the office, where I go twice a week to help with administration. But it´s not a “normal” time. I am home and why wouldn´t I use this opportunity to do something I love? Why would I find something more important again?

It has been more than a week since my country was put into a quarantine because of Corona virus. So here I am, enjoying the opportunity as I am one those lucky ones who were affected by this situation in rather good than a bed way.

I am sitting in my apartment, which is nice warm and sunny. I have quite nice view from the window, which is open and I can feel the calm street down there. Prague has stopped as many other places around the world these days.

But how did I get here?

It all started on my road trip last year. I visited few nice places in Spain, Portugal and France. Mostly small villages without tourists surrounded by nature. After my mind cleared I started to feel inspired, motivated, and full of ideas. I wrote a lot those days.

Experiencing living at different places in mountains or on the coast of the Ocean, I started to wonder if I really want to come back to Prague. I always get overwhelmed by the city, work and fast life. I started thinking if I should try a change.

After I came back, I checked the real estate offers from time to time, but nothing really convinced me to take this big step. I let it be for a while, but then few weeks ago it came back. I started feeling annoyed by my old flat. It has always been quite cold and I just got sick of it one day. I decided to look for a cozy place.

And the intense search begun. But where to start? Where do I want to move? Out of Prague? Or do I want to stay in my location?

I knew that the location where I live is generally pretty expensive. There was practically no offer I could afford, so I decided that in order to save some money I will find a nice place further, something in nature where we can enjoy our walks with Ignác. Those who know me know that I was always against traveling far between work and home and that´s why I always lived close to the center.

There was a lot of emotions going on during my “home hunt”.

I found a location where I used to live when I moved to Prague and I was convinced it´s the right one. Totally in the nature, literally end of Prague, but still not that far to the center. I saw few flats there and I was already about to sign a contract for one.

Honestly I loved the location, I was really excited but when it came to signing I got super nervous. I imagined the bus I would have to take before I get on metro when I want to go to the gym or to work. I imagined the hours which Ignác would have to stay longer alone.

And then last minute they cancelled. I was mad and relieved at the same time. The next day I saw an offer for flat close to my old one, I went to see it and took it. All in one day. And I felt really happy about it.

I felt comfortable about not leaving the location I love and we got even closer to the park where we go with Ignác every single day. So the difference is that we are more uphill, our flat is in higher floor, with views and sun inside all day long.

I still dream about the life in mountains.

I still want to have a little house with tandoor, chair with a lamp by the window and many other simple but important things. But obviously that´s not what I am able to get right now, I am not ready for it yet.

For now I still feel like enjoying Prague a bit more, visiting coffee shops and meeting friends. And so here I am living in Letná of Prague.

Corona virus costs me some money as it complicated my moving but I can also thank it for “giving” me my new home two weeks earlier than supposed to.

The whole last week I felt the need to unpack, clean and settle down. I was exhausted until I realized that it´s not that I will start living here after all this is done. I already live here and I can already enjoy. Unpacking and building the furniture is a task for more than just few days. And there is no deadline for it.

It´s my home.

It already is and I can enjoy it no matter how many boxes is on the floor and no matter how many Ignác´s hair run between them.

So I put the chair by the window, cleaned the table and I can already enjoy cup of coffee and a bit of writing while building my new home.


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