Ups and downs of short holiday

I took a holiday at work and came for two weeks to Slovakia. First couple of days I stayed with friends in Bratislava and now it’s only me and my dog hiking mountains around Nitra.

Last night I couldn’t fall a sleep and I thought about going back home.

This NEVER happens when I travel and I never want to go back.

As much as this holiday is short it feels quite long for some reason.

Maybe all I needed was a quick restart and I actually have things to start doing when I come back home which I am excited about.

But what bothers me the most is this concept of holiday.

We take holiday to have a break from our life basically. I am tired today because I do hikes every day. I wake up earlier than home when I work because I feel the pressure of limited time and I stress myself by thinking what are all the things I want to do on holiday because I don’t have time to do them home.

No doubt I needed a break and I got it. But this short travel makes me think about what I have to do now because I won’t do it home and what I will on the other hand have to do home.

My only long slow traveling experience was twice for two months. First time in India and second road trip around Spain and Portugal.

This one was also about moving from place to place, but I already had quite a lot of time so if I felt like staying in the room with a book or spending day with locals I could. I still had enough time to do anything else the other day.

I hear people worrying and complaining about the weather during their holiday all the time.

And this is an example of the pressure which is put on us for having only one week of holiday from work. So many people save money and days of holiday to go for a week to be by the sea and then it rains and they are devastated!

Obviously I also work and live in the city so I am also one of those who need a break sometimes and that’s why I am here. I love this week for all the hiking I do and those days I get to spend by myself. But I also always carry my laptop with me so I can use all the inspiration I get on the way and work on my own little projects.

Someone might say I never rest and it’s true.

Even though I must say I recently learnt from my friends taking a little nap in the afternoon and it’s great. I can recommend that. It took me 31 years to learn!

So all I mean is that I don’t like the concept of holiday as taking a break from my life in order that I just need a beach, good weather and all this stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I like these things too, but I rather say I am going to do some travels than I go on holiday.

I hate the feeling I would have a life from which I need a break and if you have followed me for some time you already know I did it few times already. Holiday is just one of the drawers in which society sends us. They say we must work and then we deserve a holiday. But in fact we need that holiday!

I feel like this is not kind of life and choose and I am trying to stay out of that box in order to stay true myself. I have been working on it for years and I still am. I follow the steps I talk about in my eBook and obviously I still have a long journey ahead.

My life problem is that I always keep working for my dream future and forget to live present. And that’s why I am so happy I broke the routine of my hikes today and stayed journaling and gave myself time to reflect.

Roaming around mountains in past few days helped me so much to clear my head. I was enjoying the presence so much and that’s why I think I little bit freaked out last night thinking what are all the things I want to do.

Actually one of them even was writing an article because I felt I haven’t done it in a long time. And this morning feeling a bit overwhelmed I took my journal, which calmed me down, I put on paper what are my plans and suddenly I am writing an article without even planning it.

I think it’s important for everyone to have “holiday” regularly. Be aware of our body and also our mind when they are tired and give them a break. But also I think it’s important to take this time as part of our life and not as an escape from reality.

I give you a little excercise:

Try to think about anything you do on holiday and would want to do it also in your “normal” life.
And what is it that you do daily and you also bring it into your holidays?

Try to keep these with you all the time!



















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