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When I was a kid, my parents would buy me clothes. Obviously I used to get what they liked, not what I liked. Do you remember this phase of your life? I guess everyone does.

Later on, when it gets to age when some discussion could be involved, my mum used to say: “I saw this kind of shirt on lady in a magazine, it’s fashion, you should wear it.” How much I hated this.

First, what does it mean it’s fashion? Second, who says that this your magazine is fashion? And third, I don’t have any desire to be fashion, I want to feel good and myself. As my friend just told me: “Your clothes shows your personality.”

I think it’s so true.

When you look at people you already know something about them thanks to their clothes. And it’s not about being fashion or not, it’s about different lifestyle.

And so as we grow wearing “our parents clothes” we must find ourselves in one of those pieces.

But when we grow up and wear what we like, it’s not the end of this. Because people not only like to tell us what to wear, but they also like telling us what to do. And that doesn’t have anything to do with our age.

I do that too. Especially when we care about someone we have a tendency to suggest what is the best for them. But do we always know what is best of us?

This is something I call SOCIETY PRESSURE and I am just finishing eBook on this topic. For now you can download free sample of one of the chapters.

We are always somehow supposed to fit into a system we were born into.

We go to school, work, find a partner, get married, get a house, kids etc. Many people don’t think about anything else, so when they hear you say you don’t want this, they don’t understand. Everything else seems dangerous and weird.

I used to have this mindset for really long time as well. First wake up call came on my exchange study program abroad. I was out of my bubble and I couldn’t believe the possibilities out there. I met many brave ambitious people who all had different goals in their lives.

For many years I used to be upset because I didn’t know what I want in life. I didn’t feel happy in what I had, but I didn’t know what would be better.

I worked in big corporation, I was tired, often sick and not happy. I traveled, I was myself and happy. I worked in smaller company, I was bored. I traveled, I was myself and happy. Oh I said that already? Right.

I was never 100 % sure I would only want to be full time traveler. I like something about my life in Prague too. But I love the feeling of bag pac on my back and wandering around. I love mountains, I love forest, I love exploring new place. All this makes me feel free. And the best part is that only this way I get to be fully myself.

When I am in this city working marathon I often don’t recognise my true self.

And so here I am searching for my way, finding the balance in my life. Finding the way to live and feel happy.

Few days ago I gave myself a big goal. As the world situation doesn’t allow us travel right now, I decided to work, save some money and buy a van next year for new adventures. So wish me luck.

I know how many people around the world live a “van life”, but I also know how many people in my bubble won’t understand me doing it too.

And now we are getting to why I am here.

I always had a journal where I wrote my thoughts. Few years ago I started writing articles. From time to time I would write what was bothering me about life and about mentioned society. I wrote in my laptop and imagined there is someone reading it on the other side of the world. But no-one actually did, because I kept everything for myself.

Until my friend gave me enough courage to build my own website and share my thoughts with the world. As an example you can check one of these first articles where I talk also about being ourselves.

As the time goes on I feel more and more like sharing my story and talking about this topic. I feel that it’s really important these days.

Many people are stressed, overwhelmed by work and unhappy.

I am not where I would want to be yet. I am not giving you a magic recipe on happy life. I am a regular woman figuring out her life. But I know I am getting closer every day and this is what I want to show you.

This blog was mainly my own therapy at the beginning. And it still is. Sometimes instead of writing my journal, I write an article here. But it’s because I know it’s many of you out there going through the same. You also want something else, something different, but your family, friends or anyone else in your society just doesn’t get it.

I get it. Sometimes it’s matter of money, family, fear or any other reasons which are holding us back. That’s why also my journey is slow, but I believe and I am not loosing my hope. I go step by step.

Will you go with me?

  1. Go for it. My son travelled the world for several years, backpacking before he settled down. I am sure that was the right thing for him to do, although at times he faced certain dangers which, if I had known about at the time, I would have had my heart in my mouth. You must do what you feel is the right path for you to follow. Don’t be swayed by pressure to conform ….with respect, some people have no vision and are entrenched in tradition. I hope you will follow your own path and always keep safe. Good luck.!

    • Veronika Součková says:

      Thank you so much Eleanor for your words. It means a lot to me and yes, I know I must go for my dreams!

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