Time of no technology

I wander how it was in time of no technology, when someone was a writer. I always imagine Mark Twain or Charles Dickens sitting at the table with a little lamp writing with a feather. I don´t really know how these things worked at that time, this is just my romantic imagination.

I like the movies where people write romantic letters like this. I like it so much that I wanted to try that too. I couldn´t get a feather, so I bought a fountain pen and ink. That kind of pen which we used to use at grammar school in drawing classes. Yeh, romantic it was, but only till the moment I started writing. My boyfriend could tell you, how this letter ended up. Black marks on the paper were everywhere, my hands and cloths were black too. And the text? Looked like a cat would put its nails in that ink and tried to write. I complained with every single letter putting on the paper. So I had to make my message shorted than planned, because it took me really long time and a lot of stress. Once I finished that page, I went to wash my hands and threw that pen. Well, but I tried, experienced that exciting felling (or maybe not) and went back to regular pen. That I like the most. Writing a diary or letters by a pen. I still believe that handwriting can give you a real message.

So what about in those old times? Not only they didn´t have laptops, printers or internet. Even a regular pen would be something for them. Can you imagine, that someone wrote a book with a feather? Once they did, how did they distribute it? I think in those times there had to be many good writers, who just didn´t manage to deliver their messages to the world.

Now with all the technology we have, it´s really easy to share your thoughts with a world. There is so many „writers“ now. Not only people write blogs, but so many people really publish a book. Well, I think it´s good. If there are people liking it, why not to share your thoughts with them. But I also believe that we should use these technologies to make our lives easier, but not to make it complicated.

In time of letters only, people set a meeting with someone and they had to come there right? Now we agree with someone on going for a coffee some day and so often the conversation ends like: „So next Wednesday at 5, but we will confirm again later.“ Why would we confirm later since we just did? I am sure everyone knows the situation from their or other site, when with coming meeting we start saying: „So at 5? Hey I don´t know if I will make, I will let you know later.“ And this conversation last for hours and at the end those two people never meet. Isn´t this weird? I think that with all kinds of chat applications in our phone all of us spend too much time „talking“ about nonsense. Wouldn´t it be better to just call, set the time for a coffee, meet and have a real talk?

I had to experience many different things, travel different places, so I could find myself. But then especially during my travels I met a lot of people, who used to tell me, that they admire my courage to go towards my dreams. And so I decided to stop keeping my story in a drawer and use it to inspire all these people to show them that they can do anything they want.

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