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27.3. 2020

My life in quarantine

I am the kind of a person, who often has a problem with the system given by someone. I call it pressure of society and I write about it in new eBook I am currently working on. I believe that we are not all made for the system which has been given to us, such as 9-5 job, happy family...

25.3. 2020

Way to my home

I have been planning to write this article for quite long now. Generally I have been more thinking about writing recently than really doing it. That´s me, I often keep waiting for the future, for better circumstances, for nicer atmosphere, for work to be done, for house to be clean. And this is a circle that never ends....

10.9. 2019

My first one week trek – part 3: We made it!

« part 2: Should I change the plan? Final decision It´s Wednesday late afternoon. This was the best day since I started this trip. In the morning I was leaving hotel decided to go to the paid camp 5 km from Modrava, where I would just stay and chill. My feet were still hurting, but after repacking and leaving...

4.7. 2019

My first one week trek – part 2: Should I change the plan?

« part 1: How long can I go? Scary night After I finished writing, I sneaked into my sleeping bag and fell asleep like a baby. Until what I was afraid of came true. Ignác woke me up growling and barking and before I managed to stop him, he escaped the tent. I heard something which made me think someone else...

23.6. 2019

My first one week trek – part 1: How long can I go?

At the moment I feel like being so ridiculous. Maybe (probably) it´s because I am so much alone while writing these words as I can´t talk with anyone except my dog. I am all by myself in the middle of mountains with my phone dead. I really want to call Raja right now and tell him I am alive, but...