Stay who we are

I don´t know why is that, but I always have the feeling, that there is some kind of silence in the air, nature just seems to me very calm, letting the past year go and collecting energy for winter. A lot of people go out for a walk like it´s the last chance before winter comes. I think we are really lucky to live in this place, where nature changes the face four times a year. We all have a choice to pick our favourite time.

Nature is very powerful and even if some people try, we can´t do anything about it. Nature is more than we are, we are just one small part of it. I don´t know, if I have always been like this, maybe it was one of the things I had to learn about myself, but I admire nature more and more. Every time I see mountains, I feel respect. I know they have been standing there for so many years and they will also keep standing there for so many more. They are much stronger and much bigger than me.

When I see how many people come to the park on Sunday afternoon and admire these colours, I wander why so many of them go against nature in other times. I am not saying I am totally against all new technologies, people are smart and need to develop themselves, it´s part of us and it´s ok if we make things to make our life easier maybe. But many times we try to change ourselves. So many of these girls using all the make-up to change what nature already created. We admire flowers, mountains, natural beaches and also animals. All of them are staying as nature created them though.

Why do people want to change how they look like? Who was the person who first came and said that girls look more beautiful when their eyes are black and their lips are red? Who said that if we put the make-up on our skin and make ourselves orange, it will look good? I think it´s not about making ourselves looking better, I think it´s about making ourselves someone else. Maybe one girl just thinks that the other one is more pretty, so she wants to look like her? But who decides what in the world is pretty?

I remember when I was a kid and there was that TV show for choosing a Miss, the most beautiful girl in the world. Yeh, every time after that I used to practice a cat walk. But also I always thought, this girl can´t be the most beautiful one. If she is the most beautiful according to someone (usually not according to me), still she is the one out of those few who signed up to compete right? But there is so many other beautiful girls, who are not in this show, so the result in not objective.

Anyway, this is a subjective thing. Everyone has their own opinion about something being beautiful. Someone likes rose, I like daisy. What if daisy gets the feeling that people like roses more? Is she going to become red? But then it won´t be a daisy anymore. I wouldn´t like daisy with red flower. I like daisy as it is. This is what makes all of us unique. We all have different taste of everything and that´s how it is supposed to be. So I even have to respect that someone likes plastic faces. But really, if I see bunch of girls with the same hair colour and make-up shining all around, I don´t see a difference, they are all the same for me. What if there were only roses in the world, would we still admire them, if we didn´t have a choice between other flowers? Who wants to be one of many?

Arguments of Czech girls for using makeup: I am too light, my eyes are not visible, my eyelashes are blond and people would get scared of me. It´s really funny when my friends tell me „You are lucky, you don´t need to use make-up, you look good without. “ Ah, really? Why do I look good without and someone else doesn´t? It´s just because those people know me like this, so it´s normal for them. I used to use it too and once I came to work without mascara and my colleague told me „Next time you should do something with yourself“. That´s how it is. I think it´s not about better or worse. We are just used to some people´s face and if one day they come with another one, definitely everyone is surprised. So Czech girls think, that lighter their skin, eyelashes and eyebrow is, more make-up they have to use. Girls with all these things darker are lucky and they don´t need to use mascara for example. I think this is kind of general opinion here.

After all those years living in this all around me I went to India. To country where girls have a dark skin, black and long eyelashes, dark eyebrow and amazing dark long hair. Perfect girls right? And then I saw them using the same things as we do here. They make their eyes darker! When I saw it for the first time I really thought this is „too much “, she „doesn´t need it “. So I asked why these girls use make-up, they have all those things, which we try to get by using it. And you know what was the answer? They want to look like European girls!

I don´t know if it even makes sense to write more or if my point is clear enough already. In Europe when the summer comes, we are crazy by getting tan. We use the sentence: „You have a nice tan“ same as „You have a nice dress“. In India they wish to look like „white girls“.

Is anybody ever going to be satisfied with what they have? Do we all want to look the same? What would we admire then? We all are as we are supposed to be. Someone likes white, someone likes black, but who decides what is perfect?

I had to experience many different things, travel different places, so I could find myself. But then especially during my travels I met a lot of people, who used to tell me, that they admire my courage to go towards my dreams. And so I decided to stop keeping my story in a drawer and use it to inspire all these people to show them that they can do anything they want.

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