My first one week trek – part 1: How long can I go?

At the moment I feel like being so ridiculous. Maybe (probably) it´s because I am so much alone while writing these words as I can´t talk with anyone except my dog.

I am all by myself in the middle of mountains with my phone dead. I really want to call Raja right now and tell him I am alive, but also that I am really scared of upcoming night. But I can´t.

Where I am going

I imagined myself to be like Reese Whiterspoon in Wild. I wanted to do long hard trek, be brave and experience it at all  costs. I thought one day I might also hike PCT. Now I doubt that.

I always loved trekking and I thought if it´s hard but I will just go slow and I will make it. Today for the first time I feel like giving up, although I need at least one more day to reach civilization.

I am at National park Šumava in Czech Republic. There is seven over night camp sites, which I think is the only place legal for camping in wild nature in this country. They all are approximatelly 15 km from each other, so I decided to take a week to go through all of them.

We planned this trip with Raja long time ago and at the last minute for some reasons he couldn´t go. I didn´t want to give up on my holiday, which I really needed, so I decided to go alone with my dog Ignác.

Backpack with tent, sleeping bag, food and water for both of us turned out to be 25 kilos.

And that´s where my biggest struggle is. I thought I will get used to, I will eat food, so the bag gets lighter, but it´s not happening yet.

First day

I started the trip yesterday. We took a train from Prague to Nová Pec. We might have been those you hate if you don´t have a dog. Ignác decided to try if all seats in coupé are the same comfortable. The most comfortable one would be recognised by the most hair he left on it.

In the train we met an insteresting older man, who was telling me about his treks in Slovenia, Nepal and also he hiked part of PCT. He made me really motivated.

From the train station in Nová Pec it was 11 km to the first camp Hůrka u Prášil. Yes 11 km mostly up the hill and I had to rest like every 10 minutes, because I was getting cramps in my back.

I didn´t really like this part and I was hoping that scenerio will get nicer next days. Whole 11 km were on the road inside the forest with no views, which even felt a bit depressing.

Finally camping

Somehow I reached the camp and to my happy surprise there were few other people camping too. You know I am really scared alone in the forest at night.

I was using my last strength not to pass out right before the camp, when I heard the guys saying:

“You see, even the girl alone can do it”.

As we talked they told me they are also feeling really tired and their plan is to go through every second camp site, which means twice more a day than me. Pff, I could have just admired.

Practically every camp is just a piece of land near the forest  fenced by a wood. There is no water, only dry toilet.

After I finally unpacked and ate first of my seven dry pasta packages I was about to take a little walk as we could watch a nice sun set. Ha! First steps after sitting? I walked like a duck, but when I looked at the guys camping next to me, I wasn´t the only one.

So except the fact that Ignác didn´t sleep so good listening all the noises around (once he escaped the tent) first night was quite calm.

Longest day of the trip

Little worse was the morning when I found out I have bruises everywhere and also it took me two hours to fit everything in the bag again.

And yeh, I found my phone absolutely dead even though it was fully charged and on aeroplane mode, when I went to sleep. So today I kept asking people, what is the time as I don´t have a watch either. Also I thought I will ask someone for the phone to call home I am alive, but only who can come around now is a fox.

Today we walked 16 km, which was really painful in many ways. As the bag is obviously too heavy for me, it hurts in all possible ways. But it wasn´t enough that my shoulders, back and legs are on fire, my shoes started causing me troubles on my feet and I also cut my thumb with my new amazing pocket knife.

At least I got to use a first aid kit, which I would never have if I didn´t think about it for Ignác.

So I just kept walking, resting, walking, resting. The problem I have is that I am not able to put my bag up from the ground. I just can´t. So every time I need to rest (often), I have to look for something to sit on with my bag first.

This area is not for difficult hikes. I was meeting families with kids, but all of them went for one day walk and didn´t carry stuff for a week. If I had some strength left I would have definitely cried. I really wanted to, but I didn´t have energy for it.

Scared to dead

When I finally climbed this hill Poledník for tonight sleep I just thought like oh no. There is noone here. Yesterday it was just piece of land on the grass next to the forest, but tonight I am camping on the hill with huge old view tower, where normally is restaurant downstairs, but it says closed for this week.

So there is a big sitting area with a grill and noone around. It´s for some reason a bit scary for me.

I like doing things by myself, especially traveling and I am all fine about it. I thought that if I managed two months in India alone, why wouldn´t I manage this trek.

And now here I am. On the hill with amazing view all around. But I am hiding in the tent with Ignác as I feel really scared outside for some reason. I feel guilty that I am not out there watching sunset. It makes me feel really  bad like I am wasting something, but I just don´t feel good here.

I know that if I was here with Raja, we would be there. Also last night when I was out chasing Ignác I noticed how amazing stars are visible here. But I will not get out there by myself in any way.

Ignác is really sleepy now and I hope he will sleep good this night. As there are no people there are animals outside. I heard foxes come here at night. He reacts to every sound and I hope he won´t bark at night otherwise I will really die scared here. I am already concered about all noises myself.

I thought I could wake up for sunrise, but my phone is not working, so I can´t set alarm. I have no idea what time is now and I will have totally no idea in the morning.

I am going to try to sleep (with my knife and torch) and I wish it´s morning already!

Itinerary: Part 1

1. 6. 2019
  • Train: Prague → Nová Pec
  • Trek 11 km: Nová Pec → Hůrka u Prášil
2. 6. 2019
  • Trek 16 km: Hůrka u Prášil → Poledník

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I had to experience many different things, travel different places, so I could find myself. But then especially during my travels I met a lot of people, who used to tell me, that they admire my courage to go towards my dreams. And so I decided to stop keeping my story in a drawer and use it to inspire all these people to show them that they can do anything they want.

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