Night under the sky

I always used to dream about weeks or months long trek, when I would just go and sleep anywhere I would like. It was one of few dreams I wanted to fulfil with someone. Obviously it’s great to share the experience and then simply because I am scared alone outside at night.

I was already about to make a little trial trek with my then boyfriend before we do a big one. At the end I did it on my own (and with my dog Ignác) and it was great and also surprisingly hard!

Here in Czech Republic you are not allowed to camp in wild nature. Although there is 7 emergency over night camp sites where you can stay at night legally in Šumava mountains. So that’s what I did. I made one 100 km trek.

This experience was really great as you can read in articles I wrote about it, but recently I had something else on my mind. Staying really wild anywhere without a tent.

Just any place in the forest, waking up watching sunrise…

Well as I mentioned previously, I am scared to do this alone, but I was able to convince one of my friends to go for it with me last weekend.

Weather forecast kept changing every day, there were possible storms coming for that weekend, but we didn’t give up.

We started on Friday around noon and finished on Sunday afternoon. It was me, my friend, her 8 year old son and my dog. We did little less than 40 km and as I remembered from last year, it’s a different story with heavy back pack.

But luckily I managed to go a little lighter than last year and with better shoes. But anyway my bag was 18 kg when we started.

Me and Ignác happened to be those “experienced ones” after last year and I kept comparing which I will try to avoid in this article 🙂 If you want to know more about my first trek which was a real mental struggle here is all about it.

So where did we go? We pick a little mountains here in Czech Republic where I actually spent a lot of time as a kid – Orlické hory. This area is famous for being full of bunkers built in a war, which was fun and motivation for a little boy going with us.

As there was a possible storm hanging in the air we kept joking about bunkers being our possible shelter for a night even though we were scared to go inside during the day (girls!).

Enjoying a nice paste with breaks for snacks and views on the way we found a really nice place in the forest to stay for night. We shifted a little further from the road to be away from others eyes as we accidentally camped just next to a little path (which we didn’t see until someone walked by) on the Polish side of the border. So it also turned out we had a bedroom in Czech Republic and we would go to the toilet to Poland (sorry to my Polish friends :)).

It took quite long for the Sun to go down and I started falling asleep in my sleeping bag pretty early. After a while dark filled the space between trees and stars started smiling at us from our ceiling.

I am not sure if I would consider this romantic or scary if it wasn’t for Ignác, but as I expected Ignác made the whole night scary as he always does when we camp.

Out of nowhere my guarding dog started barking as loud as he can and even though it was difficult to hear something else then him I heard the steps in bush around us, it moved pretty quickly around us until it went away. Maybe a rabbit.

I was only hoping there won’t be a wild boar visiting us, otherwise I wasn’t scared at all as my friend was there with me. I know I would die alone.

Ignác barked crazy few more times and he got tired I think around 3 or 4 and let us sleep for a while.

Comparison to staying in the tent I liked the fact of being able to look around me and see there is no murderer actually. I just lied down, watched the stars and thought what is it that makes all of us so scared at night in the forest?

It’s still the same forest as during the day, only animals walk around as they finally get piece from people and don’t need to hide.

We are so used to cities and all the noice behind our windows that we can’t stand the silence and dark?

We woke up early in the morning and the place was magical. Sun rays were touching us through the spaces between trees branches and I just felt at the right place.

After only three kilometres we passed the touristic restaurant where we filled our water bottles, had a good coffee and little beer (it was already 10 am :)).

Saturday started very hot and uphill. We had a long way to go but started slowing down in early afternoon when two storms started approaching us from two different sides. We kept checking meteo radar and hiding from time to time not to get too wet while rain wasn’t too heavy yet.

We knew there is a tourist shelter on the way where we wanted to spend nigh in case a big storm comes at night. Obviously we were not alone with this idea, but luckily we got a good spot under the roof even thought a single rain drop didn’t fall the whole night. It turned out that almost whole country was in huge storms the whole night and we stayed dry.

There was only a heavy fog in the morning, which made another “bunkers hunt” more mystic.

What about you and night under the sky?

































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