My life in quarantine

I am the kind of a person, who often has a problem with the system given by someone. I call it pressure of society and I write about it in new eBook I am currently working on.

I believe that we are not all made for the system which has been given to us, such as 9-5 job, happy family life, house with a garden… all these expectations hanging in the air since we were born.

Although I must say that rules has been set in my country more than ever before in my life. (I am saying in my life, because rules used to be strict and wrong here in past.)

But what I want to say is that this is the time I am ok with it. There is a virus spreading around the world and we all should act the best way we can to slow it down if not to stop it.

Here I see the power of government which can help and I respect it.

So we are in quarantine, spending most of our time home.

The virus has been really bad to many people, global economics and will keep hurting in many other ways so I believe already now that this time is going to stay part of the history for next generations.

But what this all means for us, who are lucky enough not to be sick (maybe yet) and who are still more the audience than actors in this play? I am sure for us there is no point to get stressed about something we can´t influence at the moment.

Many of you must have been hit by this financially for example. I am not expert on this matter and so I don´t want to go in all these concequences too deep.

What I would like to focus on is what I can affect myself.

For me personally that means what I do with this time I have been given. That is something what no system is determining for me.

I moved to a new apartment last week just a day before the quarantine has been declared. I knew it´s coming so I had to make a quick unplanned move if I didn´t want to get stuck in old place. The whole week I kept working from morning till night, cleaning, unpacking and all over again.

Finally I got tired and started feeling the calmness outside when I realised there is no deadline for me to finish this. I live here now and I can enjoy it already.

Even though my main job is very limited at the moment as I work in hospitality, I still have some other things to do. But there are no office hours for me now. I have tasks to take care of, but I can do it from my own chair home. And so I stopped setting alarm and started listening my body instead.

I decided to take the best out of this situation to stay in good physical and mental health which is more than important right now.

I go to sleep when I am tired and I wake up by myself (or by Ignác). My routine is different than “normally”. I sense what timings are natural for me, I follow them and I know if I have to go back it won´t be easy.

I am trying to watch what works the best for me when I am the boss of my own time and hopefully manage to keep this when the quarantine ends.

Even though situation is limiting me it also gives me a freedom I always wanted, sleep and work when I want. So I am using the time to sleep, play with Ignác, settle down in my new apartment and write. I would be happy if this otherwise difficult time helps me to finish the eBook I have been working on for past few months as the topic is so related to what is happening right now.

Let me know in comments, email or message what all this means to you. I have the audience from different parts of the world and I would like to know how you deal with it there. I don´t want to read about it in media, I am interested in real stories from real people.

P.S. Two weeks ago I didn´t even know how to spell quarantine 🙂


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