My first one week trek – part 2: Should I change the plan?

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Scary night

After I finished writing, I sneaked into my sleeping bag and fell asleep like a baby. Until what I was afraid of came true.

Ignác woke me up growling and barking and before I managed to stop him, he escaped the tent.

I heard something which made me think someone else came for camping. He kept barking outside so I had no choice than to take all the courage, torch and knife and go out. Of course there was no one and nothing. Maybe some animal hiding in the black forest around us.

It took me some time to catch Ignác. I started freaking out imagining him running somewhere far.

Finally in the tent he decided to occupy my sleeping bag and me desperate for him to calm down, I was rather freezing lying down on his half. Unfortunately it didn´t take long and he started growling again. I didn´t think about better solution than putting him on the leash and tying him to my leg. I really wasn´t interested in going out again.

Ignác kept sitting with his ears up ready to attack, I was lying (finally in my sleeping bag) scared to breathe. I can´t say as my phone wasn´t working, but I assume this might have taken around one hour.

It was really windy outside, I felt our tent moving and the scariest was creaking from the tower above us. I told myself that this is not worth it for me and tomorrow I have to change the plan. During the day I suffer from pain and during the night from fear of dark. Yes, this is the holiday I waited for for so long.

Finally morning

In the morning Ignác woke me up licking my face and it felt like a brand new day. I had no idea about the time (yes, next time I will take a watch), but the sun wasn´t so high and the air was fresh, so I assumed it´s quite early.

It was very nice morning, still little scary having the whole hill for myself, but I decided to take an advantage of it.

There was a full barrel with rain water, so I used it for some morning hygiene and also washed one of my two t-shirts and one of my two pairs of socks.

After having a big breakfast I packed everything and continued our journey. This time we were heading civilization. Next stop was Modrava. I knew we would camp next to the village, so I started thinking about the options I have. I also knew it´s supposed to rain next day, so I thought maybe we could get some accommodation, stay one day, get some rest and continue the day after.

This is the “problem” with camp sites I was staying at. They are called “emergency over night camp site” and you can stay there only one night between 6 pm and 9 am, you can´t be there during the day.

After few minutes of walk we met a guy on bicycle, who told me, that I will practically go just downhill today. After exact opposite from previous day I was happy, I thought I will reach the village early, go for a beer in local brewery, where I will charge my phone and then make a new plan.

He was very courious about meeting a girl going alone,
that he asked if he can take a picture of me.

It was little weird, but I used it as an opportunity to get a picture of me with Ignác.


When I tried myself,
it mostly looked like
something like this
or this


Reaching civilization

The way was really nice that day, but my bag was still too heavy and my feet were hurting more and more.

Finally we came to the valley, where we would go for last 6 km along the river. We started meeting a lot of people on bicycles, surroundings were really beautiful. As we were really faster than usually, we took some rest on the river bank for lunch and some refreshment. Until it started raining little bit.

I put back on my shoes and with the pain they were causing me and rain drops falling on my sleeping bag I broke and started crying.

I felt so weak thinking that I am not able to complete my dream trek.

Even Ignác started walking slow, which made me feel guilty for making him this tired.

Finally we reached the place. I passed the camp site and went directly to brewery.

I spoke with some guys there, who were on bicycle trip and they told me I looked really desperate, when I entered. I spent some time talking and having a drink and then with my phone half charged I went to the camp site.

It was quite late, so I set the tent (Ignác went right in to lie down), unpacked and started cooking, while I thought I will finally check my phone and make a plan for tomorrow.

This can´t be true

To my shock I still couldn´t turn it on! In that moment I really didn´t know, what else to do than cry.

Sun was going down, forest was getting scary again and I didn´t know, where to go tomorrow. I needed to call Raja, that I am alive and I needed internet to make a plan. I knew I don´t have a strength to continue in the morning.

I decided I can´t go like this anymore and I went to the hotel belonging to the brewery. I asked for the room and paid all cash I had with me for one night. But this wouldn´t solve tomorrow for me, so I asked receptionist if I can borrow her phone. While explaining the situation I started crying again.

This evening was crazy. I went back to pack all my stuff and moved to the tiny hotel room. In few minutes receptionist came with her phone saying, that Raja is calling me back as he didn´t pick up before.

I kept crying like a baby lost in the forest asking him to help me as I didn´t know, what to do without my phone (internet)  and I needed him to send me some money to my card.

As I kept talking and calming down, I put my phone again on charging and at that moment it turned on and started working again! Don´t ask me, what happened there. I just don´t know. I guess I wasn´t 100 % in my senses.

So what I decided to do was, that right in the morning I will go to pay one more night, get some sleep, rest and use that extra day to think, what else I can do except going home.

Night in the bed

As I paid quite a lot of money for him to be in the hotel and for sure he deserved it the same as me, I allowed Ignác to jump in that comfy bed with me.

We both passed out there, my feet were on fire. But it couldn´t be too simple. Around 11 pm it got really noisy. I heard people and music and I was like no way there is someone having a party.

It was a company having teambuilding and I was so mad, that this is not why I paid all the money to stay in the hotel, that I went there and ended their party. Yes, I am that boring person, who wants to sleep at night.

Decision to make

I had a breakfast in the morning, paid one more night and then I didn´t know, what to do. I walked a bit around the village in my slippers, again walking like a duck. My feet were swallen and every step in plastic slippers burnt.

I think I am really bad at decision making.

I so much don´t know, what I want right now.

I called to the camp, which is 5 km from here. Lady was really nice and told me there is not so many people accomodated these days, so it wouldn´t be crowded, I would still sleep in the tent in nature, I wouldn´t have to be scared at night and I could be making shorter one day trips from there.

But now I walked around the camp site, where I was supposed to sleep last night and I saw people there. I was like really? Couldn´t they be there yesterday? But what if they would be at next one tomorrow? The one I would reach if I leave tomorrow?

And now I am again thinking to give it a chance and go. I still feel my feet, but of course I got some rest, I am thinking to repack my bag, go through food and see if I can´t leave something here to have my bag little lighter.

Maybe I can check possibilities to give up for every day, make a back up plan. To see, where I could get accommodation or bus to be prepared even if my phone dies again. But is it a good idea? Don´t I remember how much I cried yesterday? Do I want to risk it again? Do I have to finish the trek? Maybe I can go some other time with someone, packed lighter and with better shoes.

Maybe I can just go to camp and actually rest, get proper sleep, don´t have to rush and pack every morning, sit outside the tent and actually enjoy camping. Would it be such a failure? Maybe it would just be a life choice.

But that adventure out there is tempting. But who says I can´t go again some other time? Maybe even if I planned that I would eat in restaurant on the way, I could save some space of food. And yeh, two books and two diaries were also probably not necessary.

I know for sure that if I don´t finish it, it will stay in my head till I do it one day. It just reminded me that old man I met in the train on the way here. He was in Himalayas and also hiked part of PCT. And he told me there is a hill in Slovenia, which he didn´t manage to climb twice, he finished it the third time. Maybe I am also really not prepared yet?

Itinerary: Part 2

3. 6. 2019
  • Trek 13 km: Poledník → Modrava
4. 6. 2019
  • rest day in Modrava

It was an evening. I was about to go to sleep and I still wasn´t decided, what to do in the morning. My brain was saying I should go to proper camp and stay there till the end of the week. Something else was telling me to stop being pussy and finish the trek. Do you want to know, how I decided next morning? Continue reading in next article! 

Part 3: We made it! »

I had to experience many different things, travel different places, so I could find myself. But then especially during my travels I met a lot of people, who used to tell me, that they admire my courage to go towards my dreams. And so I decided to stop keeping my story in a drawer and use it to inspire all these people to show them that they can do anything they want.

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