What you need here and now?

Today I am meeting past and future together. All three of us met at the point of presence after a long time.

I feel like past and future are my old friends who I think about often and from time to time I randomly meet them saying: “Hi, it´s nice to see you again. Let´s sit and be all present for a moment.”

So today I run into them in woods. They were waiting for me there already inviting me to sit and be present.

Past said: “Don´t worry, my dear, I will always be there for you if you want to send me your thoughts and even if you don´t sometimes, I know you didn´t forget.”

Then future told me her words too: “You don´t have to worry about me either. I will always be waiting for you to visit me on your adventures and I know you will. So even if I am not on your mind all the time, I know you will come to me soon enough. So rest your mind now, enjoy this sunny day, wind blowing around your face and Ignác giving you his cuddles. I will see you tomorrow.”

And so with their kind words my dear friends left.

They ensured me I don´t have to worry about them. They will take care of themselves as I have to take care about me.

So I sat down in sun light under the tree and just looked around. I knew I have enough time. My next work appointment is in four hours.

And so as I was there just feeling the forest my thoughts started flowing. Slow and kindly.

Watching Ignác exploring every corner behind the trees made me feel happy. Every day I am more and more thankful for having him in my life. I used to feel limited by having a dog at the beginning, but I see more and more how amazing company he is. If it wasn´t for him, I wouldn´t get intto my presence and I wouldn´t… any of this.

I didn´t want a dog, now I have him and he fills me with love.

Another thing I didn´t need is car. I live in the city, where I have all the transportation I need. But after getting a furry friend, my travel plans changed and I felt that having a car is must.

As I said I didn´t “need” it, but if I didn´t have it I would never get to be where I am right now on Tuesday afternoon. And again none of this wouldn´t happen if it wasn´t for Ignác, who is now while I am writing these lines lying under the tree next to me (done with exploring) looking so cute and peaceful that my heart is just melting.

This is one of those thousands of moments which will stay only in my and his memory forever. No photo or Instagram story can capture this. If I would stop writing, put down the pen to take my phone or camera, that moment would be gone.

It´s all about feelings and emotions.

How many times it happened to you that you were telling a story or showing pictures and others didn´t quite saw what you did? Because they were not there. They didn´t feel it. And we can only feel something when we experience it and when we are present.

Like me having a dog or having a car. Two absolutely different “things” which would have no meaning for me over a year ago and now I put Ignác in the car, take us to woods and us both are happy.

Sometimes we don´t know that we need something until we have it.

And this is the exact feeling I want to get from everything that comes into my life. No matter if it’s our new home I love coming back to, if it´s people surrounding me, job I do or things I purchase.

Recently I am really trying to think about things I buy. I want to invest in new good trekking shoes. I want them to be those which I hiked around the world with, not those I bought on sale and destroyed my feet with with on one trip.

Or I want to buy a laptop, which will fit in my back pack, I will write my stories on and use it to watch and edit my photos, not the one I got from company on which´s screen I can barely recognize black from white.

Do you understand what I mean? Nothing is about price but about the value. I want to focus on filling my needs, surround myself with “things” which will help me to enjoy moments like this one. Other than that there is no use for anything else.

What or who fills your needs?


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