Two years apart
Veronika Součková

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Two years apart

5 steps that walked me through long distance to no distance relationship

Did you fall in love on the other side of the world?

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What do readers say about this eBook?

Veronika, I just read your e-book. Sometimes it chilled me, sometimes tears came out. Beautiful real-life love story. Interesting tips on how to manage a distance relationship for some time. In so many passages, I felt like I was reading my story. Great work!
I like the e-book, it’s very inspiring and full of adventure and true love. I really enjoyed reading it! Especially I was interested in tips, how to manage long distance relationship for some time. I admire Veronika's courage to travel on her own!
Great reading! Even for me, being a long time married man, I picked up some great tips I'll use on my wife! I especialy liked how positive you can stay while overcoming the troubles. I think your love has helped much!
Sometimes it happens that you meet the right person and you just know it. Even though many people are telling you that you are crazy. But true love shows you how to overcome all the obstacles or long distance. Some parts reminded me my story and brought back nice memories.