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Dog travel diary

7 tips + interactive journal for travels around Europe

Are you a dog owner who loves traveling? Then my eBook is exactly for you!

Dog travel diary is a combination of 7 travel tips I learnt on adventures with my dog and printable  journal as a place to keep your own memories.

  • 7 travel tips
  • interactive journal with 40 European countries
  • space to plan each of your trip
  • space to put a picture and write down your memories
  • extra page for your own destinations
  • printable format of A4

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What do readers say about this eBook?

Veronika obviously loves traveling with her dog Ignac! This diary is a collection of her personal tips for dog travel and a way for readers to keep track of all the countries they’ve visited with their furry-friend. If you’re planning a long road trip, you may find some helpful tips.