Societal pressure

Are you tired of people around you deciding what you should or shouldn't do?

Do you feel stressed by daily life​ and often feel like you don’t know​ the real reason ​why​?

Do you have dreams ​that the​ people around ​you​ don't support?

Do others manipulate you into ​doing​ thing​s​ that you don't like?

It's time to change that!

Even at times when I had everything I wanted, I used to feel unhappy and ​I​ didn ́t know why. After some time all the pieces started coming together and I finally figured what ​was keeping me from happines​s​. A​ fter months of contemplation, I started to put the pieces together and I finally figured out what it was that was keeping me from happiness.

My wish for this eBook ​is ​to show you ​the ​different ways society can manipulate your life. More importantly, ​I want to show you how to break free ​from societal pressure ​and get back control of your life.

I will share with you my personal experience​s​ ​as you follow along with exercises that can give you the opportunity to think about different aspects of societal pressure and its effect on you. 

Do you want to break free from society’s grip

and take back control of your life?

It's important for you to know YOUR life priorities. You live your life and no one else's as no one else is living yours. People often get lost in all of those social rules that they forget listening their heart.

Have you already let that happen?

Don't worry about that. It's important that you are here now working on change and I will help you with that!

What can you expect?

  • My personal experiences
  • 5 of the most important life topics
  • Practical exercises
  • 15 tips to break free from society's grip

Imagine yourself:

  • being the master of your time
  • feeling confident spending time on your own
  • understanding your body
  • being full of life energy
  • enjoying being present in the moment

Price of eBook is 230 CZK (8,69 EUR).

Societal pressure

This eBook will open your eyes. It will show you how society can manipulate your life.

These pages will guide you through your own thoughts. You will get to answer questions which ​could​ change your life.

After you figure out ​the​ cause of your frustrations, you will get 15 practical tips ​on​ how to move forward in 5 important parts of your life.

Unlike​ many others, I will show you how to become your own boss, how to calm your mind and ​how to be here and now.

That's not all!

As a bonus I will send you ​a​ FREE worksheet for all 5 topics of the book, which you can print and use as a ​guideline​ on your journey!

Is it for me?

Do you have questions?

I am not sure if it's what I am looking for.

If you want a little sample, download my free eBook Modern lifestyle. It is a short version introducing one of the 5 topics of this book.

Can I get to know more of your work before I buy this?

You can read about me and any of my articles where I often write about topics regarding societal pressure.

What if I have additional questions after reading the eBook?

I ​would​ be happy if you ​could​ contact me ​at​ and we can discuss anything regarding ​the​ topics in ​this​ eBook.


Veronika wrote a very intimate, deep and inspirational book that will show you that you can change your life completely even if you feel stuck and you are surrounded by people who keep telling you it is not possible. All you need is to make a decision and Veronika's book to give you courage to follow your heart 🙂 Anything is possible!
Simona Harvišová
Societal pressure from Veronika is exactly what you need in this hectic modern time. You get to know your base, where you going, what you are looking for. This eBook will show you in few simple points how to question yourself and get from the life what YOU want. Recommending for all, no matter of age, staus or work. Only YOU can make a change.
Linda Zambrano
It''s a beautifullly written book with an extremely important message. I think it will be helpful for a lot of people (I found myself trying some of the exercises read the questions feel the answers that you provided in the book and you have so many helpful ideas that I think will guide a lot of people to a more free lifestyle).
Emilie TurekBook editor
Inspirational book, which helped me to understand that we don't need other people to agree with what we do, how we live and how we work on our dreams. Each person is unique and there is no manual for happiness. Let's all do what we enjoy the most.
Simona Čermáková
Are you looking for instructions on how to get out of the rat race? Veronika will guide you in an engaging way, what are the possibilities to liberate your life. Especially in the post-Covid-19 era, which opens up more opportunities to rethink the current way of life.

Stop waiting and take life into your own hands...

If anything you read above made you think about your own life, it means this eBook is the right tool for you!

Don't wait for tomorrow. It's your life and only you can change it.

Click on order, break free from society’s grip and take back control of your life today!