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17.6. 2020

Night under the sky

I always used to dream about weeks or months long trek, when I would just go and sleep anywhere I would like. It was one of few dreams I wanted to fulfil with someone. Obviously it’s great to share the experience and then simply because I am scared alone outside at night. I was already about to make a little...

7.10. 2019

Spain and Portugal – part 1: How it all begun

It has been exactly three weeks today since me and my dog Ignác started our road trip to Spain and Portugal. As it is my natural habit I keep worrying from the beginning about time flying too fast. But now I must say I realized I am still in the first half. Anyway next week we are going to...

10.9. 2019

My first one week trek – part 3: We made it!

« part 2: Should I change the plan? Final decision It´s Wednesday late afternoon. This was the best day since I started this trip. In the morning I was leaving hotel decided to go to the paid camp 5 km from Modrava, where I would just stay and chill. My feet were still hurting, but after repacking and leaving...

4.7. 2019

My first one week trek – part 2: Should I change the plan?

« part 1: How long can I go? Scary night After I finished writing, I sneaked into my sleeping bag and fell asleep like a baby. Until what I was afraid of came true. Ignác woke me up growling and barking and before I managed to stop him, he escaped the tent. I heard something which made me think someone else...

23.6. 2019

My first one week trek – part 1: How long can I go?

At the moment I feel like being so ridiculous. Maybe (probably) it´s because I am so much alone while writing these words as I can´t talk with anyone except my dog. I am all by myself in the middle of mountains with my phone dead. I really want to call Raja right now and tell him I am alive, but...