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2.12. 2021

Amelogenesis imperfecta

It has been exactly one year since I accepted my lifelong diagnosis and decided to deal with it. My diagnoses to sad smile, painful meals and low confidence. That’s what Amelogenesis imperfecta means for me. Thanks to power of Facebook I know I am not the only one in the world, but I have never met anyone in person...

17.6. 2020

Night under the sky

I always used to dream about weeks or months long trek, when I would just go and sleep anywhere I would like. It was one of few dreams I wanted to fulfil with someone. Obviously it’s great to share the experience and then simply because I am scared alone outside at night. I was already about to make a little...

25.3. 2020

Way to my home

I have been planning to write this article for quite long now. Generally I have been more thinking about writing recently than really doing it. That´s me, I often keep waiting for the future, for better circumstances, for nicer atmosphere, for work to be done, for house to be clean. And this is a circle that never ends....

25.9. 2019

Heart healing

My heart is broken. I came here to Spain hoping to heal it. My life has been going wrong direction for few months now and it´s time to stop, reflect and think about the future maybe. Or maybe just the present would be enough. I am often so concerned about the future that I forget to feel...

13.4. 2019


We are just celebrating three years anniversary with my boyfriend. We made a long exciting journey to get here. I am amazed how long has it been and through how many phases we went. We skipped dating part, which most of the couples have at the beggining of their relationship to get to know each other. We...