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30.5. 2020

True us

When I was a kid, my parents would buy me clothes. Obviously I used to get what they liked, not what I liked. Do you remember this phase of your life? I guess everyone does. Later on, when it gets to age when some discussion could be involved, my mum used to say: “I saw this kind of shirt on lady...

23.5. 2020

I will

I have been recently fighting with something inside. I have been thinking what is it that I want to share. What is it that I want to do. What is purpose of all this. For very long time in my life I didn’t know what I really want to do. I kept following the schedule which was given to me by...

16.5. 2020

Notes from the woods

Sitting in woods, all I can hear is birds and water. Despite a little rainy weather we met a lot of (noisy) people on the way before we finally reached this calm place. Clouds started tearing apart and Sun is sending us it’s greetings through tiny spaces between trees. It’s a bit cold, but very nice fresh air. Silence....

22.4. 2020

What you need here and now?

Today I am meeting past and future together. All three of us met at the point of presence after a long time. I feel like past and future are my old friends who I think about often and from time to time I randomly meet them saying: “Hi, it´s nice to see you again. Let´s sit and be all...

27.3. 2020

My life in quarantine

I am the kind of a person, who often has a problem with the system given by someone. I call it pressure of society and I write about it in new eBook I am currently working on. I believe that we are not all made for the system which has been given to us, such as 9-5 job, happy family...

25.3. 2020

Way to my home

I have been planning to write this article for quite long now. Generally I have been more thinking about writing recently than really doing it. That´s me, I often keep waiting for the future, for better circumstances, for nicer atmosphere, for work to be done, for house to be clean. And this is a circle that never ends....

26.1. 2020

When it gets too much

I have talked about overworking ourselves many times already. There is something new though I discovered about my mind and body this weekend. I have already experienced few times in past that if I work too hard for too long time, my body will stop me at some point and I will get sick. I experienced my first burn...

5.1. 2020

My New Year´s story

I have been a bit stressed about upcoming New Year’s Eve. I have never been a big fan of this celebration. I used to feel forced to have fun like you are supposed to party. First time I started seeing this night differently was few years ago when I stayed with my friend Daria in Warsaw. We celebrated with friends and...

21.12. 2019

My Christmas

This year I don´t feel Christmas at all therefore it´s interesting to watch people around. You might remember my previous article about society´s expectations. Christmas is one to best examples. I know people enjoying this time of the year, but more often I see others getting stressed. And why is that? Is it important? Last year I had...

14.12. 2019

Are you with me?

System of the society. Five working days a week, two days for the weekend. Everybody has to have a job, earn money, pay taxes. It´s almost impossible to have a home without paying high rent or morgage. Every piece of land has an owner. The most important things in our lives have be to allowed to us by...

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