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26.1. 2020

When it gets too much

I have talked about overworking ourselves many times already. There is something new though I discovered about my mind and body this weekend. I have already experienced few times in past that if I work too hard for too long time, my body will stop me at some point and I will get sick. I experienced my first burn...

5.1. 2020

My New Year´s story

I have been a bit stressed about upcoming New Year’s Eve. I have never been a big fan of this celebration. I used to feel forced to have fun like you are supposed to party. First time I started seeing this night differently was few years ago when I stayed with my friend Daria in Warsaw. We celebrated with friends and...

21.12. 2019

My Christmas

This year I don´t feel Christmas at all therefore it´s interesting to watch people around. You might remember my previous article about society´s expectations. Christmas is one to best examples. I know people enjoying this time of the year, but more often I see others getting stressed. And why is that? Is it important? Last year I had...

14.12. 2019

Are you with me?

System of the society. Five working days a week, two days for the weekend. Everybody has to have a job, earn money, pay taxes. It´s almost impossible to have a home without paying high rent or morgage. Every piece of land has an owner. The most important things in our lives have be to allowed to us by...

10.10. 2019

That moment when you scream

Have you ever tried to stand at isolated place and scream as much as you can? It used to be on my list “to try” things for really long time, until I told my friend in India and he made me to do it. I haven´t done it again until yesterday. It took 26 days of the...

3.10. 2019

Art of doing nothing

In past few days I feel like knowing how to do nothing would save my life. I came here to Spain to rest, think about my life and eventually make some plan for my potential future back home. This sounds very simple, but it contains a lot of activities I want to do. Of course I didn´t come so far to...

25.9. 2019

Heart healing

My heart is broken. I came here to Spain hoping to heal it. My life has been going wrong direction for few months now and it´s time to stop, reflect and think about the future maybe. Or maybe just the present would be enough. I am often so concerned about the future that I forget to feel...

7.8. 2019

Me again

Hello world, it´s me. Veronika, who used to write you letters some time ago. I feel it´s time to come back and write another one again. For those, who don´t know, I am a writer of my own stories. I have written few of them and kept them in my drawer until someone told me to share them. That´s...

24.5. 2019

Stop waiting

Sometimes even a big cliché can help us, when told at the right moment. There are often things we know, but we don´t know how to use them and it´s good to have them reminded. Few days ago my friend told me: „If you don´t like something, start the change yourself, don´t want it from others.“...

4.5. 2019

What would we do

When one of my best friends read my first articles, her reaction was: „I wouldn´t be able to write anything even in my own language.“ Then I immediately thought: „I wouldn´t be able to make any of those handcrafts she is so good at.“ Obviously every person is good at something else. We can´t be all...

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