Are you with me?

System of the society. Five working days a week, two days for the weekend. Everybody has to have a job, earn money, pay taxes. It´s almost impossible to have a home without paying high rent or morgage. Every piece of land has an owner. The most important things in our lives have be to allowed to us by someone else.

I understand that everything happened with evolution and everything has a reason. But don´t you think that sometimes it´s too much?

There are still places around the world with less bureaucracy than in my country. And often it happens that when I get there I am getting crazy why they don´t have a better system. So I don´t want to be a hypocrite, but that´s it. System. Life without a system is messy, but life with too much system can be limiting, don´t you think so?

I used to feel unhappy and depressed and I didn´t really know the reason. I have spent so much time studying, being under the pressure to graduate and get a good job. When I got a job I got under the pressure to earn enough money to take care of myself.

I have been working for over ten years. I am thirty years old and I don´t have any savings. Maybe it´s about the job I do, maybe it´s about the life I have. I just don´t like this way of exchanging my time for money. I don´t want to work to earn money, but there is no other way to survive.

And that´s how I discovered the reason for my endless unsatisfaction.

I am not happy in this system.

It´s just not for me. Since I was a little kid it has been my daily routine to over sleep, start a day stressed and come late. To school, to work or to the trainstation. I would be late by five minutes not more. But five minutes at school used to mean, that the door will be closed, I will have to ring the bell of director´s secretary and if this doesn´t go smooth I will enter the class, where teacher will be already in and ask me infront of other 25 kids why I am late.

Being late to work depends on work. In most of the office jobs I think time is not important, but of course your boss will always make it important right?

So as I said, for me it usually meant being late by few minutes, but it would always be there and I would always be so stressed.

There is a dream which have been coming to my sleep for more than ten years. Scenerio is always the same. It´s morning, I am late. I am trying to pack my stuff, get ready, but for some reason I can´t make it fast. You know, like that dream when you want to run and you can´t .

Then I wake up stressed that I missed something.

Now you might understand why going to the office in the morning can be stressful for me. I have been working from home for more than two years and since then I am not late for meetings. Because I know it´s important and I get there on time. But if I come to the office at 7:50, 8:00 or 8:05 am is important why?

But don´t be mistaken. Working from home is not about sleeping longer. It´s about organizing my time and the whole life. Since I don´t have work in the office, I haven´t been sick as often as I used to.

I know working from home is not for everyone. There are people who prefer a company and who also prefer a tension to be more effective. That´s ok. I am not saying what is better or what worse. What I am trying to show is, that it´s important to find what suits you the best.

Not only regarding job, but everything else in our life. What I see as a problem is the pressure of society to live a certain way. There are people who are fine with that, but then there are people like me who don´t feel good, because it´s just to the lifestyle they would choose, but often they have to as they feel they don´t have other choice.

If you are one of these people, then you might be interested in eBook I am currently working on. I am in the process myself. I am also not living my dream life YET. I am on the way of finding balance. The first step was getting a job, where I can work from home, but there is many other steps I have to take to feel better in my life.

And this way is something I would like to share with you. Are you with me? Do you want to join me in getting out of the system and living the life which suits you personally rather then “the whole society”?

I think especially now in Christmas time is the perfect example of society pressure. Remember that it´s only up to you if you make a happy holiday or a stressful hunt for gifts and decoration.


I had to experience many different things, travel different places, so I could find myself. But then especially during my travels I met a lot of people, who used to tell me, that they admire my courage to go towards my dreams. And so I decided to stop keeping my story in a drawer and use it to inspire all these people to show them that they can do anything they want.

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